• Master at commercial and business law defended at Łazarski University in Warsaw
  • Twelve years of work experience in an international law firm in Warsaw at the Companies Department and the Corporate Department
  • Own business activity within the scope of legal services, in particular concerning companies, since 2009
  • Postgraduate legal advisors training and registration at the list of legal advisors of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw under no. WA-12017
  • Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management in Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

• companies

• branches of foreign companies

• representative offices of foreign companies

• foundations

• associations

• business activity carried out by physical persons


• preparation of documents required by the Commercial Companies Code
• preparation of documents connected with current activity of the company
• transformation of companies, mergers - advisory, preparation of documents and registration
• founding, liquidation, suspending of business activity - advisory, preparing documents, registration
• assistance at carrying business activity
• advisory aat carrying business activity
• analysis and preparation of commercial contracts
• analysis and preparation of cooperation contracts
• due diligence of companies
• legal advisory in employer/employee relations, including analysis and preparation of employment contracts and termination agreements/ notices
• analysis and preparation of civil contracts and their registration
• legal analysis of documents
• debt collection
• registration of changes at the register of business (KRS)
• preparation of opinions
• assistance at mediations
• assistance at negotiations
• wide scope of legal advisory
• translations from/to English
• solving problems at a company and making decisions
• assistance at understanding of innovations and changes in an organisation
• planning changes in the work place


Forms of remuneration

Fixed fee / Monthly fixed fee

This form of settlement concerns a one-time payment for an instructed service, e.g. registration of a change at the National Court Register (register of businesses), preparation of a draft of contract, etc. A contract concluded with the Client includes the scope of actions for the fee agreed, with no concern to the time or load of work required for performance of the task instructed.

Monthly fixed fee covers a regular monthly fee for legal service for companies / entrepreneurs, in which the Client obtains regular complex assistance within the scope agreed.

Hourly fee

The basis of the hourly fe eis the time required to perform the task instructed by the Client according to the hourly rate agreed. Depending on the agreement with the Client, the payment is settled after the instructed task is finalised or else at the end of a settlement period, usually it is one month. The Client receives a detailed schedule of actions and time which have been required to perform the task together with the invoice.

In case of provision of a regular legal service for a company / entrepreneur, the hourly fees are usually connected with a monthly fixed fee. The fixed fee covers the agreed time of service a month, or a scope of legal advice agreed, and exceeding time of legal service is calculated by the agreed hourly fee.